Shrubs & Vines

Offering a large selection of shrub and topiaries varieties at All Seasons! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know. Availability and varieties are subject to change with the seasons.


Green Mound (Alpine Currant)NON-FLOWER3-4 FT2-3 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils
BARBERRY (Berberis)
Admiration (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER12-18 IN18-24 INBroad UprightSUN/PSUNORG RDDrought tolerant
Bagatelle (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER1-2 FT1-2 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNBURGANDYDrought tolerant
Concorde (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER2 FT3 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNDARK PURDrought tolerant
Golden Nugget (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER4-5 FT3-4 FTUprightSUN/PSUNRD ORGDrought tolerant
Golden Ruby (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER2 FT2 FTDense, RoundedSUN/PSUNCORAL GLDDrought tolerant
Japanese (Barberry)
Limoncello (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER3-4 FT3-4 ftTidy, Roundy MoundSUNORG RD YELDrought tolerant
Orange Rocket (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER4 FT18-24 INUprightSUNORG RDDrought tolerant
Royal Burgundy (Barberry)
Sunjoy Gold Pillar (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER3-4 FT4 FTUprightSUNORG RDDrought tolerant
Toscana (Barberry)YELLOWNON-FLOWER3-5 FT2-4 FTUpright, ArchingSUNDEEP RD BUDrought tolerant
Chicagoland Green (Boxwood)NON-FLOWER3-4 FT5 FTBroad, OvalSUN/PSUNDEEP GRNMoist, well drained soils
Fine Line (Buckthorn)DARK BERRYSUMMER5-7 FT2-3 FTColumnarSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils
Atlatus Winged (Burning Bush)GREENISHSPRING15-20 FT15-20 FTVaseSUN/PSUNRS RDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Grove Compact (Burning Bush)GREENISHAUTUMN5-6 FT6-8 FTMoundedSUNRDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Kodiak Orange (Bush Honeysuckle)YEL GOLDSUMMER3-4 FT3 - 4 FTBushSUN/PSHADORG RDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Kodiak Red (Bush Honeysuckle)YEL GOLDSUMMER3-4 FT4 - 5 FTMoundedSUN/PSHADRDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Globe (Caragana)YELLOWSPRING2-3 FT2-3 FTGlobe, CompactSUNYELTolerates wet and dry conditions
Green Spires (Caragana)YELLOWSPRING12 FT8 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNGRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Lucidus (Hedge) (Cotoneaster)PinkSpring8-10 FT4-5 FTUprightSun REDDrought tolerant
Tom Thumb (Cotoneaster)PinkSpring1-2 FT4-6 FTLow, SpreadingSun REDDrought tolerant
CRANBERRY (Viburnum)
Alfredo Compact (Cranberry)DARK RD FRSPRING5-6 FT5-6 FTCompact, RoundedSUN/PSUNMoist, well drained soils
All That Glitters (Cranberry)WhiteSpring4-5 FT4-5 FTUprightSun /PshadeMoist, well drained soils
Blue Muffin (Cranberry)BLUE FRUITSPRING5-7 FT4-6 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNYELMoist, well drained soils
Dwarf European (Cranberry)SPRING2-3 FT2-4 FTMounded, DenseSUN/PSUNRDMoist, well drained soils
Snowball (Cranberry)WHTSPRING10-12 FT10-12 FTVase ShapedSUN/PSUNDEEP GREENMoist, well drained soils
DOGWOOD (Cornus)
Arctic Fire (Dogwood)WHTSUMMER3-4 FT3-4 FTUprightSUN/PSUNGRN RDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Baton Rouge (Dogwood)WHTSUMMER3-4 FT3 - 4 FTCompact, MoundedSUN/PSUNORG RDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Cardinal Red Osier (Dogwood)WHTSUMMER8-10 FT8-10 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNRD PURTolerates wet and dry conditions
Creme De Mint (Dogwood)
Firedance (Dogwood)WHTSUMMER3-4 FT4-5 FTCompact, MoundedSUN/PSUNRD PURTolerates wet and dry conditions
Ivory Halo (Dogwood)WHTSUMMER5-6 FT5-6 FTCompactSUNVARIGATEDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Northern Gold (Forsythia)GRN YELLESPRING6-8 FT5-7 FTUprightSUN/PSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils
Angel's Blush (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER8-12 FT6-10 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNRD GRNWet tolerant
Bar Harbor (Hydrangea)
Berry White (Hydrangea)Wet tolerant
BloomStruck (Hydrangea)DEEP PNK BSUMMER3-4 FT4-5 FTRounded to SpreadingSUN/PSUNPINK BLUEWet tolerant
Blue Enchantress (Hydrangea)
BoBo (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER30-36 IN36-48 INUpright, MoundedSUN/PSUNWHT GRNWet tolerant
Candy Apple (Hydrangea)
Cape Look Out (Hydrangea)Wet tolerant
Cape May (Hydrangea)Wet tolerant
Diamond Rouge (Hydrangea)
Early Evolution (Hydrangea)
Incrediball (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER4-5 FT4-5 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNREDWet tolerant
Limelight (Hydrangea)LIME GRNSUMMER6-8 FT5-7 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNCREAM WHITWet tolerant
Little Hottie (Hydrangea)Wet tolerant
Little Lime (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER3-5 FT3-5 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNCREAM WHITWet tolerant
Little Quick Fire (Hydrangea)PNKSUMMER3-5 FT3-5 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNPK WTWet tolerant
Quick Fire (Hydrangea)DEEP PNKSUMMER6-8 FT6-8 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNDEEP PINKWet tolerant
Pink Splendor (Hydrangea)
Strawberry Shake (Hydrangea)Wet tolerant
Strawberry Sundae (Hydrangea)CREAMY WHISUMMER4-5 FT3-4 FTUprightSUN/PSUNPINKWet tolerant
Summer Crush (EndSum) (Hydrangea)Wet tolerant
Vanilla Strawberry (Hydrangea)WHT PNKSUMMER6-7 FT4-5 FTUprightSUN/PSUNPINKWet tolerant
LILAC (Syringa)
Beauty of Moscow (Liliac)DBL PL PNKMSPRING10-12 FT8 FTUprightSUNBLUE GREENDrought tolerant
Bloomerang (Liliac)DRK PURDrought tolerant
Charles Joly (Liliac)DBL MAG RDMSPRING10-12 FT8-10 FTUprightSUN/PSUNBLUE GRNDrought tolerant
Common Purple (Liliac)SNGL PURMSPRING12-15 FT8-12 FTUpright, Vase ShapedSUN/PSUNBLUE GRNDrought tolerant
Declaration (Liliac)RD PURESPRING6-8 FT6-7 FTUpright, MoundedSUNBLUE GRNDrought tolerant
James MacFarlane (Liliac)SNGL TRUELSPRING8 FT6-10 FTUprightSUNGREEN YELLDrought tolerant
Minuet (Liliac)SNGL LT LAMSPRING6-8 FT4-6 FTSmall, DenseSUNDARK GREENDrought tolerant
Miss Canada (Liliac)SNGL BPNKLSPRING6-8 FT5-7 FTUpright, RoundedSUNGREENDrought tolerant
Miss Ellen Willmott (Liliac)DBL WHTESPRING8-10 FT10 FTUprightSUNDEEP GRNDrought tolerant
Mount Baker (Liliac)SNGL WHTESPRING10-12 FT10-12 FTUprightSUN/PSUNGREENDrought tolerant
Pocahontas (Liliac)SNGL DPVIOESPRING10-12 FT10-12 FTUprightSUNGLOSSY GREDrought tolerant
President Grevy (Liliac)DBL LILACMSPRING10-12 FT8 FTUprightSUNGREENDrought tolerant
Scent & Sensibility (Liliac)PNKSPRING2-3 FT4-5 FTUprightSUNGREENDrought tolerant
Scentara Double Blue (Liliac)
Sensation (Liliac)SNGL PUR WSPRING8-10 FT8-12 FTUprightSUNBLUE GRNDrought tolerant
Virtual Violet (Liliac)Drought tolerant
LILAC, DWARF (Sryinga)
Dwarf Korean (Liliac, Dwarf)PALE LILACMSPRING4-5 FT5-7 FTCompactSUNDARK GRNDrought tolerant
Miss Kim (Liliac, Dwarf)SNGL PL LIMSPRING4-6 FT5-6 FTBroad, SpreadingSUNMAR RDDrought tolerant
MOCKORANGE (Philadelphus)
Blizzard (Mockorange)WHTESUMMER4-5 FT3 FTCompactSUNYELLOWGREEMoist, well drained soils
Snowbelle (Mockorange)PURE WHTLSPRING3-4 FT3-4 FTMoundedSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils
NINEBARK (Physocarpus)
Amber Jubilee (NInebark)WHTLSPRING5-6 IN4 FTUpright, MoundedSUNRD PURDrought tolerant
Center Glow (NInebark)WHTLSPRING8-10 FT8-10 FTUpright, MoundedSUNRED YELLOWDrought tolerant
Darkstar (Ninebark)
Dart's Gold (NInebark)WHTLSPRING4-5 FT4-5 FTCompact, MoundedSUN/PSUNYELLOWDrought tolerant
Dwarf Green (NInebark)WHTLSPRING3-5 FT3-4 FTDwarf, DensePSUNGREENDrought tolerant
Fireside (NInebark)Drought tolerant
Little Devil (NInebark)WHT PKLSPRING3-4 FT3-4 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNRD PURDrought tolerant
Little Joker (NInebark)Drought tolerant
Summer Wine (NInebark)BLUSHLSPRING5-6 FT5-6 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNRD PURDrought tolerant
Tiny Wine (NInebark)WHTLSPRING3-4 FT3 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNMAR RDDrought tolerant
Tiny Wine Gold (NInebark)Drought tolerant
Cheesehead (Potentilla)
Creme Brulee (Potentilla)WHTSUMMER3-4 FT2-3 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSUNGREENTolerates wet and dry conditions
Dakota Sunspot (Potentilla)GOLDSUMMER3-4 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNGREEN YELLTolerates wet and dry conditions
Gingersnap (Potentilla)Tolerates wet and dry conditions
Lemon Meringue (Potentilla)PALE YELLOSUMMER2-3 FT2-3 FTRound, CompactSUNDARK GREENTolerates wet and dry conditions
Mandarin Tango (Potentilla)ORG/YEL/RDSUMMER2 FT2 FTRoundedSUNGRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Pink Beauty (Potentilla)PNKSUMMER2 FT2 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNGRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Double Flowering Plum (Prunus)PNKSPRING10-12 FT10-12 FTSpreadingSUNGRN YELLOWMoist, well drained soils
Purpleleaf Sand Cherry
P.J.M. (Rhododendron)MAUVESPRING3-4 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNMAHOGANY GMoist, well drained soils
SNOWBERRY (Symphoricarpus)
Candy (Snowberry)PINKLSPRING3-4 FTUprightSUNBLUE GRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Galaxy (Snowberry)WHT PKLSPRING3-6 FTRoundedSUNBLUE GRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Butterscotch Baby (Spirea)Tolerates wet and dry conditions
Daphne (Spirea)PNKSUMMER12-18 IN2-3 FTDenseSUNBLUE GRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Dart's Red (Spirea)CARMINESUMMER2-3 FT4-5 FTUpright, RoundedSUNRD PURTolerates wet and dry conditions
Glow Girl (Spirea)WHTSPRING3-4 FT3-4 FTMoundedSUNORGTolerates wet and dry conditions
Goldflame (Spirea)RD GOLDSUMMER2-3 FT3-4 FTLow, RoundedSUNRD BRONZETolerates wet and dry conditions
Goldmound (Spirea)PNKSUMMER18-24 IN2-3 FTLow, RoundedSUNRDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Japanese White (Spirea)WHTSUMMER2 FT2 FTRoundedSUNGRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Little Princess (Spirea)PNKSUMMER2-3 FT3 FTLow, RoundedSUN/PSUNDARK RDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Little Spark (Spirea)Tolerates wet and dry conditions
Magic Carpet (Spirea)PNKLSPRING18 IN2 FTCompactSUNRUSSET RDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Renaissance (Spirea)WHT YELLOWLSPRING5-7 FT6-8 FTVase ShapedSUNRD ORGTolerates wet and dry conditions
Snowmound (Spirea)Tolerates wet and dry conditions
Sundrop (Spirea)PNKESUMMER12-15 IN2-3 FTDense MoundSUNRDTolerates wet and dry conditions
Tor Birchleaf (Spirea)WHTLSPRING2-3 FT2-3 FTCompact, RoundedSUNRD PURTolerates wet and dry conditions
SUMAC (Rhus)
Gro-Low Fragrant (Sumac)Drought tolerant
Tiger Eyes Cutleaf (Sumac)CHARTRUSESUMMER6 FT6 FTFunkySUNYEL ORG RDDrought tolerant
Crimson Kisses (Weigela)Red-pinkREBLOOMING2-3 FT2-3 FTCompact, roundedSunMoist, well drained soils
Minuet (Weigela)DARK REDSPRING2-3 FT2-3 FTCompact, RoundedSUN/PSUNPURPLE GREMoist, well drained soils
Red Prince (Weigela)RDSPRING5-6 FT5-6 FTUpright, ArchingSUN/PSUNDARK GREENMoist, well drained soils
Rainbow Sensation (Weigela)SOFT PINKSPRING3-4 FT3-4 FTCompact, RoundedSUN/PSUNVARIGATEDMoist, well drained soils
Sonic Bloom Pink (Weigela)PNKREBLOOMING4-5 FT4-5 FTMoundedSUNMoist, well drained soils
Sonic Bloom Red (Weigela)RDREBLOOMING4-5 FT4-5 FTMoundedSUNMoist, well drained soils
Tango (Weigela)RED YELLOWSPRING2-3 FT2-3 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNPURMoist, well drained soils
WILLOW (Salix)
Dwarf Blue Leaf Artic (Willow)NON-FLOWER3-4 FT3-5 FTUpright, RoundedSUNBLUE GRNTolerates wet and dry conditions
Flame (Willow)NON-FLOWER20 FT15-20 FTOvalSUNGYELTolerates wet and dry conditions
Iceberg Alley (First Ed) (Willow)Tolerates wet and dry conditions
Red Sprite (Winterberry)WHTLSPRING2-3 FT3-4 FTDense GlobeSUNYELLOW PURMoist, well drained soils


SpeciesVarietyZoneSunBloom ColorFall Color    
ActinidiaHardy Kiwi (male)    
ActinidiaMagic (Kiwi Combo)    
CampsisTrumpet Vine    
Celastrus-BittersweetAutumn Revolution2F    
HumulusCascade Hops3    
HumulusNugget Ornamental Hop    
LoniceraDropmore Scarlet3F-Porange    
ParthenocissusEngelmann Ivy3Fred    
Parthenocissus(aka: Virginia Creeper or Woodbine)    
WisteriaBlue Moon3