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ALDER (Alnus)
Prairie HorizonPURPLE CATKINSSPRING25-45 FT30 FTUprightSUN/PSHADGLD YELMoist, well drained soils3
ASH (Flaxinus)
Autumn PurpleNON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT35-50 FTOvalSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
PatmoreNON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT35 FTOvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
BIRCH (Betula)
Cinnamon CurlsNON-FLOWERSPRING9 FT9 FTRoundedSUN/PSHADGLD YELMoist, well drained soils4
Cut Leaf Weeping NON-FLOWERSPRING30-40 FT25 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Paper Birch ClumpNON-FLOWERSPRING35-40 FT25-30 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Parkland PillarNON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT6-8 FTColumnarSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils3
Prairie DreamNON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT40 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Renaissance Oasis PaperNON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT30-40 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
River NON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT30-40 FTOvalSUNGLD YELMoist, well drained soils4
Youngii WeepingNON-FLOWERSPRING8-12 FT15 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
BUCKEYE (Aesculus Glabra)
Autumn SplendorWHTSPRING30-35 FT25-30 FTRoundedSUNREDMoist, well drained soils3
OhioYELLOW GRESPRING20-25 FT15-20 FTRoundedSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
SiberianWHTSPRING40-70 FT80 FTRoundedSUN/PSHADBR YEL/GREMoist, well drained soils4
YellowwoodWHTSUMMER30-50 FT30-50 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils
DOGWOOD (Cornus)
PagodaYELLOWSPRING15-20 FT20-25 FTRoundedSUNREDTolerates wet and dry conditions4
ELM (Ulmus)
CathedralNON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT40-60 FTBroad, Vase-ShapedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Prairie ExpeditionNON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT25-30 FTUpright, Vase-ShapedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
PrincetonNON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT40-60 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
St CroixNON-FLOWERSPRING60-75 FT70-90 FTBroad, Vase-ShapedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
TriumphNON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT35-40 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
GladiatorPINKSPRING20 FT10 FTUprightSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils2
Pink SpiresPINKSPRING15-20 FT12 FTNarrow, UprightSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
RadiantPINKSPRING15-20 FT20 FTCompactSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Red SplendorPINKSPRING20-25 FT20 FTOpen, UprightSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
RoyaltyDARK PINKSPRING18-20 FT20 FTUpright, RoundedSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
Spring SnowWHTSPRING25-30 FT15 FTRoundedSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils4
ThunderchildPINKSPRING15-20 FT15 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
HackberryNON-FLOWERSPRING50-75 FT50 FTSpreading, RoundedSUNSOFT YELLOWPrefers dryer conditions2
HAWTHORN (Cratageus)
SnowbirdDBL WHTSUMMER12-15 FT20 FTUpright, RoundedSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils3
ThornlessWHTSUMMER15-20 FT15-20 FTRoundedSUNORANGEMoist, well drained soils4
Northern AcclaimNON-FLOWERSPRING35-45 FT30-35 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
SunburstNON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT25 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
LILAC (Syringa)
Ivory SilkCREAM WHTSUMMER25 FT15 FTCompact, OvalSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
JapaneseCREAM WHTSPRING20-25 FT20-25 FTVase ShapedSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
Snowdance JapaneseCREAM WHTSPRING15-18 FT20 FTVase ShapedSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
LINDEN (Tilia)
AmericanNON-FLOWERSPRING75-90 FT40-50 FTPyramidal in Youth, Rounded at MaturitySUNPALE YELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
American SentryNON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT25-30 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
Golden CascadeYELLOWSUMMER45 FT30 FTOval, PyramidalSUNGOLDPrefers dryer conditions3
GreenspireYELLOWSPRING40-50 FT30-35 FTOvalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions4
Harvest GoldNON-FLOWERSPRING30-40 FT25-30 FTUpright, OvalSUNGOLDPrefers dryer conditions2
NorlinNON-FLOWERSPRING50-40 FT25-30 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
RedmondYELLOWSUMMER40-60 FT25-35 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
Royal StarWHTSPRING10-20 FT8-15 FTRoundedSUN/PSHADWHTMoist, well drained soils4
MAPLE (Acer)
AmurNON-FLOWERSPRING15-20 FT10-15 FTUpright RoundedSUNFIERY REDMoist, well drained soils4
Autumn BlazeNON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT40 FTDense OvalSUNRED ORANGEMoist, well drained soils4
Autumn SpireNON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT20-25 FTBroadly ColumnarSUNINTENSE REDMoist, well drained soils3
Emerald LustreNON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT50-60 FTRound, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Fall FiestaNON-FLOWER60-75 FT50 FTUpright, OvalSUNYEL ORG RDMoist, well drained soils4
Hot Wings TartarianBRIGHT REDSPRING20-25 FT18-20 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Inferno SugarNON-FLOWER40 FT30 FTUprightSUNRD ORGMoist, well drained soils3
MatadorNON-FLOWERSPRING40-45 FT20-40 FTUpright, OvalSUNDARK RED OMoist, well drained soils4
Royal RedNON-FLOWERSPRING35-40 FT20-25 FTBroadly, OvalSUNMAROONMoist, well drained soils4
Scarlet JewellREDSPRING70 FT30 FTUprightSUNCRIMSONMoist, well drained soils
Sienna GlenNON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT40 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWORANMoist, well drained soils3
Silver QueenNON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT40 FTUpright, OvalSUNGOLD YELLOMoist, well drained soils3
Sugar MapleNON-FLOWERSPRING50-75 FT50 FTUpright, RoundedSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Unity SugarNON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT25-30 FTUprightSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Cardinal RoyalWHTSPRING20-30 FT15-20 FTSymmetricalSUNORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils2
EuropeanWHTSPRING20-30 FT20-30 FTUpright to RoundedSUNREDMoist, well drained soils2
Fire KingNON-FLOWERSPRING25-30 FT20 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/SHADEORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils3
OAK (Quercus)
Admiration HybridNON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT30 FTPyramidalSUNGOLDPrefers dryer conditions2
Majestic Skies Northern PineNON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT45 FTBroad ovalSUNREDPrefers dryer conditions3
Northern RedNON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT50 FTRoundedSUNREDPrefers dryer conditions3
Prairie StatureNON-FLOWERSPRING30-40 FT25-30 FTPyramidalSUNPURPLEPrefers dryer conditions3
POPLAR (Populus)
Prairie SkyNON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT20 FTUpright, NarrowSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Quaking AspenNON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT30 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Quaking Aspen - ClumpNON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT30 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Quaking Aspen-Prairie SkyriseNON-FLOWERSPRING30 FT5 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
RobustaNON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT40 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
TowerCOTTENLESSSPRING40-50 FT8-12 FTColumnarSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils3
Amur ChokecherryWHTSPRING20-25 FT20-25 FTOval, RoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Canada Red ChokecherryWHTSPRING20-25 FT20 FTOval, RoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Mountain Frost PearWHTSPRING20-30 FT15-20 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Pink FlairPINKSPRING25 FT15 FTUpright, Narrow SUNORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils3
Princess Kay PlumDBL WHTSPRING15-20 FT12-15 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Rose Tree of China         
REDBUD (Cercis)
MN RedbudPINKSPRING20-30 FT20-30 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Russian OliveSPRING20 FT20 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWTolerates wet and dry conditions2
SERVICEBERRY (Amelanchier)
Autumn BrillianceWHTSPRING20-25 FT20-25 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSHADEORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils3
WILLOW (Salix)
Laurel LeafGLD YELLOWSPRING35-40 FT25 FTRoundedSUNGLD YELLOWTolerates wet soils2
Niobe WeepingNON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT50 FTWide, SpreadingSUNYELLOWTolerates wet soils4
Prairie Cascade WeepingNON-FLOWERSPRING35-45 FT35-40 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWTolerates wet soils3
Prairie Reflection LaurelNON-FLOWERSPRING35-40 FT25 FTRoundedSUNGOLDTolerates wet soils2
Siberian Pussy15-25 FT12-25 FTOvalSUN/PSHADETolerates wet soils4
Walker WeepingBRIGHT YELSPRING4-5 FT3-5 FTStrongly WeepingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
WeepingYELLOWSPRING4-5 FT5 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWISHMoist, well drained soils
Angel's BlushWHTSUMMER4-5 FT2-3 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNPINK REDMoist, well drained soils4
Berry WhiteWHTSUMMER6-7 FT4-5 FTUprightSUN/PSUNDARK PINKMoist, well drained soils4
LimelightWHTSUMMER5-6 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNWHTMoist, well drained soils4
Quick FireWHTSUMMER4-6 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNDARK PINKMoist, well drained soils4
Vanilla StrawberryWHTSUMMER4-6 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNPINKMoist, well drained soils4
Royal BeautyDEEP PINKSPRING8 FT8-10 FTWeepingSUNPURPLE REDMoist, well drained soils4
LILAC (Syringa)
Dwarf KoreanPUR PNKSPRING5-6 FT5-6 FTRoundSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
Scent & SensibilityDRK PNKSPRING3
WILLOW (Salix)
Weeping PussySILKY CATKINSSPRING8 FT6 FTWeepingSUN/PSHADEGREENTolerates wet soils4


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