Deciduous & Topiary Trees

Offering a large selection of deciduous varieties at All Seasons! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please let us know. Availability and varieties are subject to change with the seasons.

ALDER (Alnus)
Prairie Horizon (Alder)PURPLE CATKINSSPRING25-45 FT30 FTUprightSUN/PSHADGLD YELMoist, well drained soils3
ASH (Flaxinus)
Autumn Purple (Ash)NON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT35-50 FTOvalSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
Patmore (Ash)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT35 FTOvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
BIRCH (Betula)
Cinnamon Curls (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING9 FT9 FTRoundedSUN/PSHADGLD YELMoist, well drained soils4
Cut Leaf Weeping (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING30-40 FT25 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Paper Birch Clump (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING35-40 FT25-30 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Parkland Pillar (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT6-8 FTColumnarSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils3
Prairie Dream (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT40 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Renaissance Oasis Paper (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT30-40 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
River (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT30-40 FTOvalSUNGLD YELMoist, well drained soils4
Youngii Weeping (Birch)NON-FLOWERSPRING8-12 FT15 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
BUCKEYE (Aesculus Glabra)
Autumn Splendor (Buckeye)WHTSPRING30-35 FT25-30 FTRoundedSUNREDMoist, well drained soils3
Ohio (Buckeye)YELLOW GRESPRING20-25 FT15-20 FTRoundedSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Siberian (Catalpa)WHTSPRING40-70 FT80 FTRoundedSUN/PSHADBR YEL/GREMoist, well drained soils4
Yellowwood (Cladrastis)WHTSUMMER30-50 FT30-50 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils
DOGWOOD (Cornus)
Pagoda (Dogwood)YELLOWSPRING15-20 FT20-25 FTRoundedSUNREDTolerates wet and dry conditions4
ELM (Ulmus)
Cathedral (Elm)NON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT40-60 FTBroad, Vase-ShapedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Prairie Expedition (Elm)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT25-30 FTUpright, Vase-ShapedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Princeton (Elm)NON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT40-60 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
St Croix (Elm)NON-FLOWERSPRING60-75 FT70-90 FTBroad, Vase-ShapedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Triumph (Elm)NON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT35-40 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Gladiator (Flowering Crab)PINKSPRING20 FT10 FTUprightSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils2
Pink Spires (Flowering Crab)PINKSPRING15-20 FT12 FTNarrow, UprightSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Radiant (Flowering Crab)PINKSPRING15-20 FT20 FTCompactSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Red Splendor (Flowering Crab)PINKSPRING20-25 FT20 FTOpen, UprightSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
Royalty (Flowering Crab)DARK PINKSPRING18-20 FT20 FTUpright, RoundedSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
Spring Snow (Flowering Crab)WHTSPRING25-30 FT15 FTRoundedSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils4
Thunderchild (Flowering Crab)PINKSPRING15-20 FT15 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNPURPLEMoist, well drained soils3
Hackberry (Hackberry)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-75 FT50 FTSpreading, RoundedSUNSOFT YELLOWPrefers dryer conditions2
HAWTHORN (Cratageus)
Snowbird (Hawthorn)DBL WHTSUMMER12-15 FT20 FTUpright, RoundedSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils3
Thornless (Hawthorn)WHTSUMMER15-20 FT15-20 FTRoundedSUNORANGEMoist, well drained soils4
Northern Acclaim (Honeylocust)NON-FLOWERSPRING35-45 FT30-35 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Sunburst (Honeylocust)NON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT25 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
LILAC (Syringa)
Ivory Silk (Lilac)CREAM WHTSUMMER25 FT15 FTCompact, OvalSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
Japanese (Lilac)CREAM WHTSPRING20-25 FT20-25 FTVase ShapedSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
Snowdance Japanese (Lilac)CREAM WHTSPRING15-18 FT20 FTVase ShapedSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
LINDEN (Tilia)
American (Linden)NON-FLOWERSPRING75-90 FT40-50 FTPyramidal in Youth, Rounded at MaturitySUNPALE YELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
American Sentry (Linden)NON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT25-30 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
Golden Cascade (Linden)YELLOWSUMMER45 FT30 FTOval, PyramidalSUNGOLDPrefers dryer conditions3
Greenspire (Linden)YELLOWSPRING40-50 FT30-35 FTOvalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions4
Harvest Gold (Linden)NON-FLOWERSPRING30-40 FT25-30 FTUpright, OvalSUNGOLDPrefers dryer conditions2
Norlin (Linden)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-40 FT25-30 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
Redmond (Linden)YELLOWSUMMER40-60 FT25-35 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWPrefers dryer conditions3
Royal Star (Magnolia)WHTSPRING10-20 FT8-15 FTRoundedSUN/PSHADWHTMoist, well drained soils4
MAPLE (Acer)
Amur (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING15-20 FT10-15 FTUpright RoundedSUNFIERY REDMoist, well drained soils4
Autumn Blaze (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT40 FTDense OvalSUNRED ORANGEMoist, well drained soils4
Autumn Spire (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT20-25 FTBroadly ColumnarSUNINTENSE REDMoist, well drained soils3
Emerald Lustre (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-60 FT50-60 FTRound, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Fall Fiesta (Maple)NON-FLOWER60-75 FT50 FTUpright, OvalSUNYEL ORG RDMoist, well drained soils4
Hot Wings Tartarian (Maple)BRIGHT REDSPRING20-25 FT18-20 FTUpright, SpreadingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Inferno Sugar (Maple)NON-FLOWER40 FT30 FTUprightSUNRD ORGMoist, well drained soils3
Matador (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING40-45 FT20-40 FTUpright, OvalSUNDARK RED OMoist, well drained soils4
Royal Red (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING35-40 FT20-25 FTBroadly, OvalSUNMAROONMoist, well drained soils4
Scarlet Jewell (Maple)REDSPRING70 FT30 FTUprightSUNCRIMSONMoist, well drained soils
Sienna Glen (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT40 FTPyramidalSUNYELLOWORANMoist, well drained soils3
Silver Queen (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT40 FTUpright, OvalSUNGOLD YELLOMoist, well drained soils3
Sugar Maple (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING50-75 FT50 FTUpright, RoundedSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Unity Sugar (Maple)NON-FLOWERSPRING40-50 FT25-30 FTUprightSUNYELLOW ORAMoist, well drained soils3
Cardinal Royal (Mountain Ash)WHTSPRING20-30 FT15-20 FTSymmetricalSUNORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils2
European (Mountain Ash)WHTSPRING20-30 FT20-30 FTUpright to RoundedSUNREDMoist, well drained soils2
Fire King (Musclewood)NON-FLOWERSPRING25-30 FT20 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/SHADEORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils3
OAK (Quercus)
Admiration Hybrid (Oak)NON-FLOWERSPRING40 FT30 FTPyramidalSUNGOLDPrefers dryer conditions2
Majestic Skies Northern Pine (Oak)NON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT45 FTBroad ovalSUNREDPrefers dryer conditions3
Northern RedNON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT50 FTRoundedSUNREDPrefers dryer conditions3
Prairie Stature (Oak)NON-FLOWERSPRING30-40 FT25-30 FTPyramidalSUNPURPLEPrefers dryer conditions3
POPLAR (Populus)
Prairie Sky (Poplar)NON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT20 FTUpright, NarrowSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Quaking Aspen (Poplar)NON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT30 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Quaking Aspen - Clump (Poplar)NON-FLOWERSPRING60-80 FT30 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Quaking Aspen-Prairie Skyrise (Poplar)NON-FLOWERSPRING30 FT5 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Robusta (Poplar)NON-FLOWERSPRING60 FT40 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Tower (Poplar)COTTENLESSSPRING40-50 FT8-12 FTColumnarSUNGREENMoist, well drained soils3
Amur Chokecherry (Prunus)WHTSPRING20-25 FT20-25 FTOval, RoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Canada Red Chokecherry (Prunus)WHTSPRING20-25 FT20 FTOval, RoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Mountain Frost Pear (Prunus)WHTSPRING20-30 FT15-20 FTUprightSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Pink Flair (Prunus)PINKSPRING25 FT15 FTUpright, Narrow SUNORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils3
Princess Kay Plum (Prunus)DBL WHTSPRING15-20 FT12-15 FTUpright, OvalSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils3
Rose Tree of China (Prunus)         
REDBUD (Cercis)
MN Redbud (Redbud)PINKSPRING20-30 FT20-30 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils4
Russian Olive (Russian Olive)SPRING20 FT20 FTRoundedSUNYELLOWTolerates wet and dry conditions2
SERVICEBERRY (Amelanchier)
Autumn Brilliance (Serviceberry)WHTSPRING20-25 FT20-25 FTUpright, RoundedSUN/PSHADEORANGE REDMoist, well drained soils3
WILLOW (Salix)
Laurel Leaf (Willow)GLD YELLOWSPRING35-40 FT25 FTRoundedSUNGLD YELLOWTolerates wet soils2
Niobe Weeping (Willow)NON-FLOWERSPRING50 FT50 FTWide, SpreadingSUNYELLOWTolerates wet soils4
Prairie Cascade Weeping (Willow)NON-FLOWERSPRING35-45 FT35-40 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWTolerates wet soils3
Prairie Reflection Laurel (Willow)NON-FLOWERSPRING35-40 FT25 FTRoundedSUNGOLDTolerates wet soils2
Siberian Pussy (Willow)15-25 FT12-25 FTOvalSUN/PSHADETolerates wet soils4
Walker Weeping (Caragana)BRIGHT YELSPRING4-5 FT3-5 FTStrongly WeepingSUNYELLOWMoist, well drained soils2
Weeping (Caragana)YELLOWSPRING4-5 FT5 FTWeepingSUNYELLOWISHMoist, well drained soils
Angel's Blush (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER4-5 FT2-3 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNPINK REDMoist, well drained soils4
Berry White (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER6-7 FT4-5 FTUprightSUN/PSUNDARK PINKMoist, well drained soils4
Limelight (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER5-6 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNWHTMoist, well drained soils4
Quick Fire (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER4-6 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNDARK PINKMoist, well drained soils4
Vanilla Strawberry (Hydrangea)WHTSUMMER4-6 FT3-4 FTRoundedSUN/PSUNPINKMoist, well drained soils4
Royal Beauty (Flowering Crab)DEEP PINKSPRING8 FT8-10 FTWeepingSUNPURPLE REDMoist, well drained soils4
LILAC (Syringa)
Dwarf Korean (Lilac)PUR PNKSPRING5-6 FT5-6 FTRoundSUNGREENPrefers dryer conditions3
Scent & Sensibility (Lilac)DRK PNKSPRING3
WILLOW (Salix)
Weeping Pussy (Willow)SILKY CATKINSSPRING8 FT6 FTWeepingSUN/PSHADEGREENTolerates wet soils4