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Variety NameColorHeightZone
Climber (CL)
Above All (CL)Salmon Orange10-14'5
Blaze Improved (CL)Med Red10-15'4
Cupid's Kisses (CL)Pink with Wh Eye8'5
Don Juan (CL)Deep Velvety Red8-10'5
Golden Opportunity (CL)Yellow8-10'5
Lady in Red (CL)Dark Red8-10'4
Top of the World (CL)Dk Orange/Creamy Yel8-10'4
Tropical Lightning (CL)Orange/Crème Stripes10-12'4
William Baffin (CL)Deep Pink8-10'3
Floribunda (FL)
Arctic Blue (FL)Lilac Pink4-5'5
Belinda's Dream (FL)Medium Pink5'5
Brilliant Pink Iceberg (FL)Deep Pink2-5'5
Burgandy Iceberg (FL)Purple/Red Burgundy5'6
Burst of Joy (FL)Orange / Yellow4-5'4
Celestial Night (FL)Plum Purple4-5'5
Chihuly (FL)Multi3-4'6
Drop Dead Red (FL)Red Velvet2-3'4
Easy Does It (FL)Mango, Peach Blend3-4'5
Easy Going (FL)Golden Peach Yellow3-5'5
Easy Spirit (FL)White w/ Cream Base4-5'4
Ebb Tide (FL)Purple4'6
Forever Amber (FL)Orange1.5-3'5
Frida Kahlo (FL)Scarlet Red/Striped Gold3'4
Gingersnap (FL)Yellow & Orange3-4'4
Iceberg (FL)White3'5
Julia Child (FL)Butter Gold3'4
Jump for Joy (FL)Peachy Pink3-4'6
Ketchup & Mustard (FL)Red/Yellow Bi4-5'5
Koko Loko (FL)Mauve Pur/Mauve Blend3-4'6
Livin' Easy (FL)Apricot Org2.5-6'5
Morning Glow (FL)Yellow/Pink5'6
Oh My (FL)Red4.9'7
Rosie the Riveter (FL)Orangey Gold w/ Pink3-4'6
Scentimental (FL)Burgundy White Swirl3-4'6
Sexy Rexy (FL)Pink3'6
Sparkle & Shine (FL)Yellow3-4'6
Sweet Madame Blue (FL)Purple2-3'5
Sweet Madame Blue (FL)Violet3-4'6
Grandiflora (GR)
All Dressed Up (GR)Med Pink4-5'4
Anna's Promise (GR)Bicolor Golden/Pink5-6'6
Fun in the Sun (GR)Yellow Pink Mix3-5'4
Happy Go Lucky (GR)Yellow3-5'6
Miss Congeniality (GR)White/ Pink3'4
Pop Art (GR)Pink/Yellow2-4'5
State of Grace (GR)Pink/Gold3-4'5
Strike it Rick (GR)Yellow4-5'5
Twilight Zone (GR)Purple4'5
Groundcover (GC)
Rainbow Happy Trails (GC)Yellow/Dark Pink1-2'4
Sunset Happy Trails (GC)Apricot2'6
Hardy Shrub (HS)
Belinda's Blush (HS)Soft Pink5'5
Bill Reid (HS)Imp. Sunrise2-3'5
Campfire (HS)Tri color2-3'3
Canadian Shield (HS)Red5'4
Champlain (HS)Medium Red3'3
Children's Hope (HS)Med Red/Smoke Edging3'6
Easy on the Eyes (HS)Lavender/Pink2-3'5
Edith's Darling (HS)Apricot Gold3'5
Forever & Ever Pink (HS)Pink1-2'5
Hope for Humanity (HS)Dark Red2-4'3
In Your Eyes (HS)Yellow Lavender6-9'5
Kashmir (HS)Dark Red3-4'4
Miracle on the Hudson (HS)Red3-4'3
Morden Blush (HS)Pink2-3'3
Morden Centennial (HS)Pink3-5'3
Morden Sunrise (HS)Gold w/ Peach
Music Box (HS)Pink w/ Creamy Yellow3-5'4
Oscar Peterson (HS)White w/ Butter Yellow2-4'3
Outta the Blue (HS)Purple4'5
Paint the Town (HS)Med Red2-3'4
Party Hardy (HS)Deep Pink4'4
Pillow Fight (HS)Bright White3-4'5
Sultry Night (HS)Magenta Pink4
Super Hero (HS)Med Red3-5'4
Take it Easy (HS)Red/Light Reverse2-3'4
Winnipeg Parks (HS)Deep Pink2-3'3
Hybrid Tea (HT)
Chantilly Cream (HT)Soft Yellow2-5'5
Chicago Peace (HT)Blend/Multicolor3-4'6
Chrysler Imperial (HT)Dark Red3'6
Double Delight (HT)Cream Blusing Red4'4
Falling in Love (HT)Warm Pink4-5'5
Good as Gold (HT)Deep Golden Orange4-5'6
Grande Dame (HT)Pink5-6'6
Legends (HT)Ruby Red4-5'6
Love at First Sight (HT)Red / White3-5'5
Mellow Yellow (HT)Yellow5'6
Miss All American Beauty (HT)Deep Pink4-5'6
Mister Lincoln (HT)Velvet Deep Red6'5
Neil Diamond (HT)Pink w/ White Stripes5'4
Neptune (HT)Rich Lavender3-4'6
Oklahoma (HT)Red5'7
Peace (HT)Golden Primrose Yellow4'5
Perfume Factory (HT)Mauve/Pur/Mauve Blend4-6'6
Pretty Lady Rose (HT)Dark Even Pink3'6
Red (HT)Red3-8'5
Sugar Moon (HT)White4-5'6
Sunset Celebration (HT)Coral Peach2-4'7
Tropicana (HT)Orange/Red4-6'7
Miniature (PA)
Midnight Fire (PA)Smokey Purple/Org1-2'4

* P = Patented     e = Everblooming    

**All roses require at least 6 hours of sunlight per day for optimal growth and flowering.