All Seasons Garden Center is a family owned and operated garden center in Grand Forks, North Dakota. Dieter and Georgia, along with their daughters, Jan and Jill, have been filling pots, caring for plants, tending to the nursery and many other aspects of the business for over 40 years. Jill’s husband, Scott, along with their three sons, Jacob, Adam and Nicholas, have also been a great addition to the family business. Together, they take pride in their customer service and quality of products.

Our Critters


Snickers is the All Seasons cat! She likes to ride on shoulders, sleep on the warm copier and keep watch over the store.


Three cockatiels that stay warm in the greenhouse. They love watching shoppers go by and whistling with Dieter.


Inside our greenhouse we have a beautiful Koi pond with many colorful koi and goldfish. Our youngest shoppers sometimes share in providing a snack!