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               Name and Variety              


               Blooms                              Zone and Light              
Above All - P  Salmon Orange  Repeat Blooming  Zone 6-9
Sky's The Limit  Buttery Yellow  Late Spring and Summer      Zone 4-10
Valentine's Day - e  Deep Velvet Red  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10
William Baffin - e  Deep Pink  Repeat Blooming  Zone 2-10 
Chihuly - P  Apricot, Yellow, Orange and Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Doris Day - P  Pure Gold Yellow  Continuous Blooming  Zone 6-10
Drop Dead Red - P  Deep Red Velvet  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Ebb Tide - P  Deep Plum Purple  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Julia Child - P  Warm Golden Yellow  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Jump for Joy - P  Peachy Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Ketchup & Mustard - P  Red and Yellow  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Livin' Easy - P  Apricot Orange Blend  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Take It Easy - P  Red with Light Reverse  Continuous Blooming  Zone 6-9
White Licorice  Lemon Cream  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Anna's Promise - P  Gold and Pink Bi-color  Continuous Blooming  Zone 6-9 
Ch-Ching - P  Bright Clear Yellow  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10
GROUNDCOVER - Oso Easy Fragrant          
Rainbow Happy Trails  Yellow-gold with Pink  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-9 
Sunshine Happy Trails  Medium Buttery Yellow  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10 
Chrysler Imperial - P  Velvety Dark Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-10
Double Delight  Cream Blushing Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 7-10 
Falling In Love  Warm Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-10
Good as Gold - P  Deep Golden Orange and Yellow  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-9
In the Mood  True Red  Repeat Blooming  Zone 6-10 
Midas Touch - P  Neon Yellow  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-10
Mr. Lincoln - P  Velvet Deep Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-10
Neil Diamond - P  Pink with White Stripes  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10 
Neptune - P  Lavender Blushed Purple  Continuous Blooming  Zone 6-10 
Olympiad  Spotlight Red  Repeat Blooming  Zone 7-10 
Pretty Lady - P  Dark Even Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-10
Pope John Paul II - P  Pure White  Continuous Blooming  Zone 5-9
Sedona  Coral Blend  Late Spring-Early Summer  Zone 5-10
Veteran's Honor  Bright Red  Repeat Blooming  Zone 6-10
We Salute You  Orange and Pink  Repeat Blooming  Zone 6-10
Cutie Pie - P  Peach and Yellow Blend  Continuous Blooming  Zone 6-9
Bill Reid  Yellow and Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 3
Campfire - P  Yellow edged in Deep Rosy Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 3
Champlain  Medium Red  Summer  Zone 4-9
Home Run - P  Flame Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-9
Hope for Humanity - P e  Dark Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Kashmir - P e  Dark Red  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10
Morden Blush - P  Ivory Pink  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-9
Morden Centennial  Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Never Alone  Red and White  Continuous Blooming  Zone 3-9
Oscar Peterson  Glistening Bright White  Continuous Blooming  Zone 3
Paint the Town - P  Medium Red  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-10
Party Hardy - P  Deep Pink with Lighter Reverse  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10
Pink Home Run  Electric Pink  Continuous Blooming  Zone 4-9 
Super Hero - P e  Medium Red  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10
Winnipeg Parks - P e  Deep Pink  Repeat Blooming  Zone 4-10
Persian Yellow  Vibrant Dark Yellow  Early Summer  Zone 3 

* P = Patented     e = Everblooming    

**All roses require at least 6 hours of sunlight per day for optimal growth and flowering.