All Seasons is excited to offer you a huge selection of houseplants - the largest selection in the area!

Houseplants are a great addition to any indoor environment. They purify our air and give us fresh oxygen, contributing to a healthy atmosphere. Sometimes certain conditions lead to problems. The most common house plant problems are caused by insect infestation, improper lighting conditions and watering habits.

The most common houseplant bugs are aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites.   Aphids are green and appear in clusters.  Mealybugs  are white and appear on the undersides of leaves and crevices on the plant.  Spider mites are most often noticed due to the webbing that appears on the plant. Insects may be controlled by washing the plant with a mild soap and warm water every few days.  If they persist, you may need to use a pesticide or a miticide, depending on the bug. All Seasons carries these products year round and we have systemic insecticides that may be added to the soil to prevent and stop any further bug infestations. Always read the label before applying any chemicals. Bugs may be prevented by cleaning your plants regularly, planting them in well-draining containers and offering good air flow and ventilation.

Be sure of the light requirements of your plant. Plants that do not receive enough light appear more spindly or 'leggy", with weak stems and less foliage. Plants that receive too much light may show sun damage on their leaves - a brownish drying up of the leaf at the edges, or exhibit a bleached yellowish look on the entire plant. Plants exhibiting these characteristics should be moved to a more appropriate location relative to how much light they need. You may consider artificial light for the plants that need more light, and move the plants that are getting too much light to a different window, or out of direct sunlight.

It is best to water regularly with a watering schedule. Some plants like to have wet feet and some like to dry out between watering, so it is important to know your plants watering requirements. Signs of over-watering are much like that of under-watering and include a yellowing and/or dropping off or drooping of leaves. Over-watering and under-watering have the many of the same signs because the plant is spending the majority of its energy maintaining the root system.

Blooming Plants

Lovely blooming plants for every season!  Availability of all of our blooming plants varies with each season and from year to year.


African Violets - Many varieties to choose from year round.

Azalea - All Seasons offers beautiful Azalea plants for Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. 

Bulb Garden - Bulb Gardens are available in the spring and come in a variety of combinations, colors and styles. 

Chrysanthemum - Come by in fall and you will find lovely chrysanthemum planters with many fall colors to choose from!

Cyclamen - Large and miniature, available seasonally.

European Gardens - Available year-round. An expert combination of hand-selected plants nestled in a basket or decorative container. European gardens are very popular as gifts! You can also customize a basket with decorative accents like bows, berry sprigs and figurines of fairies, gnomes or birds. If you are not able to find just the right one, we will help you build your own!  

Hibiscus - Many colorful varieties available.

Hydrangea Planter - We offer specialty hydrangea planters for Easter, Spring and Mother's Day. These Hydrangea planters are grown in a special way as an annual for a fabulous display indoors.  *All other Hydrangea plants we offer are considered a perennial shrub. 

Kalanchoe - Gorgeous varieties available year round.

Lilies - We offer beautiful Easter lilies during the Easter season. 

Orchid -  Many varieties with lovely blooms that last and last!

Poinsettia - We grow our own poinsettia plants  We start on them in July and take great care to give you the gorgeous plants you love at Christmas!

Rieger Begonia - These wonderful plants can be grown indoors in a bright area or outside in shade.



Colorful plants to brighten your containers and garden!


Bridal Veil
English Ivy
    Green, Variegated
Enseta (Banana)

    Ming, Foxtail, Plumosa, Sprengeri, Artillery
German Ivy
   Rubrum Grass
   Purple Palace, Novelty

Rhoeo (Moses in the Cradle)
Spider Plant
Swedish Ivy
Vinca Vine
Tradescantia zebrina (Wandering Jew)