Fruits & Vegetables


Do you love fresh raspberries?  We have a raspberry patch on our grounds and you can come out and pick for yourself or we can pick them for you!  We have four different varieties for you to choose from-pick one or pick them all!  Also, two separate crops-one in July and one in September for your raspberry delight!


We love to try new varieties each year as well as stay with the classics. 

We also offer fresh tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and cucumbers.

Bean - Tendergreen
Beet - Bull's Blood
Broccoli - Packman F1
Brussel Sprout - Jade E Cross
Cabbage - Late Flat Dutch, Ruby Perfection, Savory Ace, Stonehead
Cauliflower - Amazing
Celeriac - Rowena
Celery - Tango
Cucumber - Fanfare, Homemade Pickles, Marketmore, Pot Luck, Straight 8, Sweeter Yet
Eggplant - Fairy Tale, Patio Tasty Purple
Kale - Health Plus, Kale Storm
Kohlrabi - Kassik
Leek - American Flag
Lettuce - Alfresco, Esmeralda (head), Heatwave, Parris Island (romaine)
Melon - Athena, Tasty Green Honeydew
  Sweet Pepper - Banana Supreme, Better Belle, Big Bertha, Cherry Pick, Cherry Stuffer, Golden Bell, Orange You Sweet, Right on Red, King Arthur, North Star, Orange Blaze, Pepperonchini,  Tasty Purple Bell, Red Knight
  Hot Pepper - Anaheim Chili, Ghost, Habenero Red, Holy Mole, Hungarian Yellow Wax (Hot Banana), Jalapeno, LaBomba, Long Slim Cayenne, Seranno, Tasty Poblano
Peas - Green Arrow, Sugar Snap
Pumpkin -  Baby Bear, Big Max, Orange Smoothie, Warty Goblin
Squash - Buttercup, Butternut
Strawberry - Everbearing, June bearing
Sweet Potato - Georgia Jet
Swiss Chard - Bright Lights
  Cherry/Olive - Fantastico, Juliet, Sunsugar, Super Sweet 100, Sweet Olive, Terenzo, Yellow Pear
  Hybrids - Better Boy, Big Beef, Bush Goliath, Celebrity, Early Girl, Fourth of July, Homeslice, Mountain Merit, Park's Whopper, Super Fantastic, Sweet Seedless
  Paste Tomato - Laroma
  Heirloom - Big Rainbow, Brandywine Red, Cherokee Purple, Golden Jubilee, Manitoba, Mortgage Lifter
  Standard - Sheyenne
Watermelon - Black Diamond, Crimson Sweet, Shiny Boy, Sugar Baby
Zucchini - Black Beauty, Golden Dawn