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Please note:
Mulches, soil and rock can be picked up or delivered!
Our truck can hold about 8 yards of mulch, 6 yards of rock and 8 yards of soil.
A standard pick-up truck can hold about 1 yard of mulch, soil or rock. 
Mulch, soil, and rock available by the yard is also available by 1/2 a yard.
**We are not able to deliver rock, dirt & or mulch in the same truck
Please call for pricing. Thank you!


Helpful Formulas!

Calculating the amount of cubic yard required for an area at different depths.
1. Calculate square footage of the area, Length x Width = Square Footage.
2. Determine depth desired and divide by appropriate number in the chart below.

Example: If you want 4" deep soil and have 1200 square feet to cover take 1200 sq ft divided by 81 (per formula) then
you will know how many cubic yards you will need.

1" Deep: sq ft ÷ 324 = Cubic Yards Needed
3" Deep: sq ft ÷ 108 = Cubic Yards Needed
5" Deep: sq ft ÷ 67 = Cubic Yards Needed
8" Deep: sq ft ÷ 40 = Cubic Yards Needed

2" Deep: sq ft ÷ 162 = Cubic Yards Needed
4" Deep: sq ft ÷ 81 = Cubic Yards Needed
6" Deep: sq ft ÷ 54 = Cubic Yards Needed
12" Deep: sq ft ÷ 27 = Cubic Yards Needed